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What Sized Shoe Is That?

Monday, 12 January 2009
Carbon cost of Googling revealed by Greg Morsbach of the BBC
A recent study estimated the global IT sector generated as much greenhouse gas as the world's airlines put together.

Perhaps we should demand an apology on this score from Al Gore. After all, he told us that he took the initiative in creating the Internet.[1]

[Up-Date (13 Jan): I was informed by Gaal, in a comment to this entry, that the Times had somehow fabricated this story. (The BBC presenting the story as if it were their own research, but the chances that they would have independently fabricated the same details are slim indeed. So the Times has been caught-out in one way, and the BBC in another.) Meanwhile, the BBC story has been significantly edited, so that the sentence quoted above no longer appears, and we are instead told

A recent study by American research firm Gartner suggested that IT now causes two percent of global emissions.

[1]Note that demonstrates that Al Gore did not claim to have invented the Internet. But what Gore did claim (and they even quote this) was

During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.

Snopes, which can be very much about spin rather than clarity when it is their ox that is about to be, er, stabbed with a horn, wants to claim that there's room for debate about whether his claim of creätion is justified, because the Internet is not a homogenous entity and didn't spring into being at once. Well, not much in this world is homogenous and static, but it is simply disingenuous to claim to have taken the initiative in creäting something that already existed because one pushed to fund its further development.

Post-War Presidential Elections

Tuesday, 5 August 2008
1980ReaganFaux-Cowboy Midwesterner-CalifornianCarterYeehaw
1984ReaganFaux-Cowboy Midwesterner-CalifornianMondaleYankee-Midwesterner
1988Bush, GHWWannabe-Cowboy-Yeehaw YankeeDukakisYankee
1992ClintonYeehawBush, GHWWannabe-Cowboy-Yeehaw Yankee
2000Bush, GWCowboy-YeehawGoreFaux-Yankee Yeehaw
2004Bush, GWCowboy-YeehawKerryYankee

McCain has chosen to be a Cowboy, and Obama a Yankee-Midwesterner, though neither of them seems to have been raised thus. Nancy Pelosi is pressing Obama to accept a Cowboy-Yeehaw as running-mate.