There Is No Pie

26 May 2024

Imagining all of a society's various generation and allocation of goods and services as if the creation and distribution of one big pie is very much analogous to imagining all of the sexual interactions of that society as one enormous orgy.

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2 Responses to There Is No Pie

  • Tiger-Puncher says:

    This reminds me of the scientific and pseudo-scientific community's various claims that the boundary of human knowledge is like that on an expanding circle; whereas if one must use geometric analogies, such "boundary" may be more akin to that of a fractal, as some "knowledge" can be lost/occluded, even as some knowledge is preserved/gained.

    • Daniel says:


      And treating all knowledge as if it is or can be held collectively (an orgy of knowledge!) is the central fallacy of socialism to which Gossen, v. Mises, Weber, Brutzkus, v. Hayek, &alii objected.

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