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Return of the Pocket Watch

Sunday, 3 April 2011

In the context of thinking about pocket watches for other reasons, I've noted how many people around me check their cell-phone sets when they want to know the time. I've yet to see anyone iRL wear his or her set on a wrist, like a Dick Tracy communicator; instead, when not in use, the set is typically stored in a holster, in a bag, or in a pocket. Yup, the cell-phone set is serving as a pocket watch; not just as a pocket watch of course, but as a pocket watch none-the-less.

As for me, I carry a wrist watch, but I perhaps shouldn't. If I wear it when I wash my hands, water gets trapped under it, so I tend to stick it in a pocket before I get my hands dirty in the first place; then I usually forget about it. When I want to know the time, well, I check my cell-phone set.