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Miscellaneous House-Keeping

Thursday, 31 July 2008
  • The LJ Syndication Journal corresponding to this 'blog only presents public entries. Other entries are placed in a friends-only category, to make them relatively easy to find if you have an account at this 'blog. (There really aren't many a friends-only entries, though.)
  • If you have an account with this 'blog, but have forgot your username or password, then just let me know. I can easily recover the username or reset the password. And if you'd like your username reset, that would be easy as well.
  • Comments to entries should be made at the 'blog, rather than at the syndication journal; I'm not automatically notified of comments to the syndication journal, and the entries at the syndication journal are erased on a regular basis, along with any comments there.
  • There's been a poor, lonely poll at the 'blog, which has received answers from only three brave souls. I'll probably move on to a new question soon.