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Not My Supergirl

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Because my father watches Supergirl, I have now seen a few episodes. I note that they were written on the presumption that Hillary Clinton would be elected President, and thus that the character of the President is played by Lynda Carter imitating the voice and speaking patterns of Ms Clinton — so far, no cackle — albeït with the character named Olivia Marsdin.

And here's what is truly telling: In this fantasy, people who do not freely support Madam President are physically assaulted by state officials. For saying that she is Not my President. a fellow has his thumb wrenched by DEO agent Alex[andra] Danvers, who later begins to beat information out of him even though he is not even so much as a suspect.

It seems not to have occurred to writers, to producers, to directors, nor to starring actors that their heroes in an imagined world guided by Hillary Clinton were doing things that would seem thuggery if done by champions of a social order directed by Donald Trump.

Yet the shoes were merely on the other feet — or, in this case, mistakenly presumed to be so.