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Erotic Masterpiece

Thursday, 2 July 2009

I got a print the other day of what I think will someday be regarded as a significant masterpiece of Twenty-First Century Erotica:

[mixed media work by Carolyn Weltman]
image used with kind permission of artist
He's All Mine by Carolyn Weltman

The print that I got is giclée;[1] the original is in graphite, gesso, watercolour crayon, and nail enamel. Intermediate between simple reproductions and the original, Weltman has also embellished some giclée reproductions; these can be found at Art @ Large and at Artbreak.

Ms Weltman mailed the print, well packaged, to me on the same morning that I'd ordered it.

Weltman's work has been featured or otherwise exhibited in various museums and art shows, and anthologized in collections such as World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today v 2. She's provided illustrations for magazines articles and books, including The Mammoth Book of Kama Sutra by Maxim Jakubowski.[2]

Weltman's own site is sophi's grand empire She also has a presence on

[1] Giclée /ʒiːˈkleɪ/ reproduces an image, from digitized form, using a high-quality ink-jet printer and archival inks.

[2] I just have to hope that this book does not concern the sexual congress of furry elephants.