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Sunday, 20 April 2008

Having come upon this article

Pandillas en las Fuerzas Armadas by Claudia Núñez of La Opinión
Mientras cientos de militares mexicanos desertan del Ejército para unirse al narcotráfico, California enfrenta sus propios miedos ante el creciente número de pandilleros que se han infiltrado en las Fuerzas Armadas de este país para recibir entrenamiento militar.
as translated thus
Gang Members Get Trained in the Army by Claudia Núñez of La Opinión
While hundreds of Mexican soldiers are deserting the army to join drug trafficking gangs, California is facing the opposite problem: A growing number of gang members here have infiltrated the U.S. Armed Forces in order to receive military training.
I am now wondering about various sorts of assaults (some homicidal or sexual) alleged to have been perpetrated against non-combatants by American soldiers in Iraq, and about what share of these are associated with soldiers coming from backgrounds in domestic criminal gangs, and more specifically with soldiers who are considered to be present members in such gangs. I think that an active investigation is warranted.