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Turtle Travel

Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Woman of Interest and I have been wrestling with the migration of her site to a new host. Naturally enough, the new hosting service began yester-day to up-date its servers, and we were stymied in our efforts for a while as their own migration ran into difficulties.

If everything has now gone well, then, as DNS tables are up-dated, visitors will be routed to a new site that is indistinguishable to them from þe olde Site. If something has gone badly then, well, we will be at the task of fixing things.

Up-Date (20:18PDT): The relevant change is probably still propagating amongst DNS tables; but, otherwise, the move seems to have been successful. The new site seems virtually identical from the perspective of a visitor.

Alternate Hosting Service

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

I think that when next one of my hosting subscriptions comes-up for renewal, I am going to migrate from to AN Hosting, unless introduces a more competitive package in the mean-time.

With just one domain and low traffic, the entry-level package is the better buy. But it appears that when one has two or more domains to be hosted, the AN Hosting becomes the better choice.

Addendum: I will in any case continue using this domain name, and the change should be transparent to visitors.