Photographs of Me

I'm not sure that there's a lot of interest in multiple photographs of me. But they started to accumulate amongst the media files of this 'blog; as I took so long in constructing the About page, and eventually I decided to creäte a separate page for them (adding images that had not been on the About page).

(When I am tired, the outer epicanthic fold over my left eyelid seems to disappear, producing an asymmetry noticeable in some of these pictures.)

Here's how I looked on 1 August 2015: [image of me] on 12 July 2012: [image of me] on 30 March 2010: [image of me] on 10 October 2008: [image of me] on 27 March 2004: [image of me] in the Spring of 2003 (for a driver license): [image of me] for my passport c 2000: [image of me] on 29 May 1996: [image of me]