Ghosts of Christmas Past & Present

My latest poll has rather many options, so I'm not placing it in the sidebar.

Please select your favorite video telling of A Christmas Carol in Prose, Being a Ghost Story of Christmas by Charles Dickens. If you dislike all versions, then please interpret favorite to mean least disliked. In the event of a tie, you may select more than one. Since I will surely have missed some versions, I have included the option of other at the bottom; I would appreciate a comment identifying other video versions, even if they are not favorites. I have provided a link to the IMDb entry for each version of which I know. Also, for the non-animated versions, if I have a name for the actor who played Scrooge (or the Scrooge analogue), I have included this name along with the release date. (Animated versions will typically use different voice actors for different languages.)

Your favorite video telling of Dicken's Christmas Carol:

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