Long Gone

2 February 2011

I don't generally collect postcards, though I have a few and there is one specific series which I am attempting to acquire.

This card [hand-colored photographic image by D Calcagni from 1919 of young woman in bathing suit, sitting in a studio facsimile of a beach, lacing her foot-wear] is not in said series. However, it is, just as the seller claimed, adorable; so I got it.

(I've seen four other images that seem to be from this same session; they are not particularly appealing.)

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One Response to Long Gone


    Grandma Snookie?
    Daniel, please stop ogling my great grandmother.

    Seriously, a very sweet image. We need to remember (in this very sexually graphic world of today) that in those days, this was showing a lot of skin. This is the kind of retrograde erotica that can be displayed in a family setting without causing an uproar.

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