8 October 2008

I have ordered both a Crittertrail Mini Two and a Habitrail Mini. That might sound absurd, but it should be possible to connect the two, creating a relatively large habitat. And I could take just one or the other with me when I visit my parents. I also got a loft for the Habitrail, as my mice Bob and Ray used to like to sleep in the loft of the (hamster-sized) Habitrail in which I kept them. And I got a little side-chamber, as I'm going to see if I can coax the mouse into using that as a litter box. (If not, well, then he'll just have a side chamber.)

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  • BigTigerMonkey says:

    Yo Danelectro Cool Cat Tremolo, I don't think you're going to fit in a Crittertrail Mini.

    Isn't it kind of depressing to give a mouse a human name, given that a house mouse has a relatively short lifespan (~2yrs)?

    One of my buddies bought 50 goldfish, put them all in the same tank, and named them all "Bob". As long as at least one was alive, "Bob" was alive.

    N.B. if the hypertext anchor is messed up, it's because there's no frappin' "preview" feature 'ere ...

    • Daniel says:

      The Woman of Interest had a mouse who lived on the order of four years. But, yes, two years is far more typical, and it is doubtless that I will be quite unhappy when I lose my mouse. But I think that I would do better with a companion animal, a small rodent is well suited to my present life-style, and I wouldn't be causing the rodent to live a shorter, less happy life by keeping it as a companion.

      • BigTigerMonkey says:

        “… a small rodent is well suited to my present life-style,”

        Excellent. However, just bear in mind that my prescient visions are stirring:

        The man with a hat, rat, and habitat, strides confidently today …

        The man drinks his tea, and slurps wifi for free,
        While the furry friend remains encased on display …

        When the shop closes, and the crowds part like Moses,
        The fellow moves on, homeward bound on his way …

        As the foul storm brews, like coffee strained through cheap shoes
        The man with the hat, no habitat, no rat, grasps fear in dismay.

        // akin to how FPDL leave his wallet on tables.

        • Daniel says:

          Quite well done!

          (Setting aside the fact that I had to hack things since you again didn't thread your comment.)

          Synchronistically, I managed to leave my hat behind at Bronx Pizza to-day, before such time as I read your warning. I was two blocks away when I reälized my error.

          Actually, I believe that San Diego regulations would not allow me to take a rodent into a restaurant/café/coffee house/tea house with me; in any case, I don't expect to take the mouse (in or out of a special habitat) into such a place. I will, accordingly, be spending more time at home.

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