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10 October 2008

I had been letting my sideburns grow since mid-May. I reached Wolverine stage quite a while back, then started resembling someone in a late Nineteenth Century engraving or photograph. After that, I began to look like a bit-player in a western movie. Yester-day, I took my beard trimmer and trimmed them down. Here is how I look to-day: [image of dkmck wearing hat] [image of dkmck wearing hat] BTW, see the difference between the upper lid of my left and right eye? That difference develops when I need sleep; otherwise, the left eyelid looks more like the right, with flesh above the lid nearly covering it. The difference first appeared many years ago, during a very extended bout with flu and pneumonia. A doctor who looked at it found it rather mysterious.

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7 Responses to Pictures of Me

  • Sari says:

    I like it! The eyelid thing is curious though =D

  • oshi says:

    I like the look with the hat 🙂 Though it seems like that would be warm in your neck of the woods.

    Also my eyes do the same thing. If I get too sleep-deprived my mom starts getting worried about my eyelids. I've seen it in a few other people in varying degrees, but I'm guessing there is something that makes it more pronounced in some.

    • Daniel says:

      So far, the hat had been more help that hindrance in the weather. The hat has four little vents, and the leather breathes; meanwhile, it provides some shade (though the Aussie, which has a three-inch brim, would give more of that).

      I recall your earlier mention of having the same problem with your eyelid; and, more recently, you reported that you'd once had a bout with pneumonia. So, my question is: Did you (like me) develop this eyelid thing after a significant illness?

  • It is interesting to have a face to attach to my mental image of you now.

    My eyelids do the opposite, appearing slightly puffy when I need sleep or I have psoriasis plaques approaching my eyes.

    • Daniel says:

      Actually, there were pictures posted in my LJ, albeït that one might have had to wander through the Memories to find them by the time that you added my journal to your Friends list. However, I didn't have sideburns even to the bottoms of my tragi in any of those pictures.

      The area under my eyes can get puffy, but it's that left upper lid that is the first give-away that I need sleep. Interestingly enough, I can use hemorrhoid cream on that upper lid much as others use it on puffy lower lids. I just hadn't done that to-day.

  • Asaf Bartov says:

    Cool sideburns. Re the eyelids, I know someone with the very same phenomenon. Have you found anything else about it? Does it signify any kind of medical problem, or is it just an idiosyncrasy of eye muscles/nerves?

    • Daniel says:

      At the time that he checked it, the doctor noted that if the problem were neurological then there should be some discernible difference in the behavior of the eyeball itself, which there wasn't. And, at the time that he looked at it, the asymmetry was noticeable even when I was well rested. I've not again presented the problem to a doctor, since I don't expect a remediation to come from it. My thinking is that it's a minor atrophy.

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