Crawling Back into Bed

29 March 2008

I may have some low-grade illness. I fell asleep relatively early and quite quickly on Thursday night. Though yester-day morning I awoke from a dream that had left me furious and nauseated (it involved child abuse), I thought that I'd otherwise got enough sleep. But I fell asleep again in mid-after-noon, thinking that I'd nap for perhaps 20 minutes — I left my computer, albeït in its backpack, on the foot of my bed — and, instead, I slept until late at night. And for the last few hours I have been increasingly sleepy.

In other thrilling news, I'm having trouble getting various pieces of PHP code working for me on the FourBucks server that I use for two of my domains, but I'm largely working blind, since I don't have administrative privileges for the operating system itself. One of my subscribers here hasn't been able to add his OpenID to his account here. And I've not been able to get PHPMailer working at

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