Blind in One Eye

5 October 2008

It bothers me that some of my friends have become so obsessed with the inadequacy of one of the two major party Presidential candidates that they seem to have quite lost sight of just how inadequate a President the other man can be expected to be.

There is no good choice on the ballot, and I expect greater national despair by the next mid-term elections. (We'll see whether, at the time of the next Presidential election, the other party, whichever it may be, offers a better candidate then, or decides that, in the context of their rivals' failure, they can push the envelope of opportunism, of lunacy, or of both.)

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6 Responses to Blind in One Eye

  • BigTigerMonkey says:

    Don't blame me dude, I rallied the troops to vote against McAmnesty, and I McHonestly don't like the cut of the McKeysian Economist's touchdown/anchor-baby cheering jib.

    WRT: "There is no good choice on the ballot," if we look at the larger ticket, Palin is a candidate with the least number of lobbyist harpoons to drag her towards the taxpayer-squeezeing-pork-racket-of-the-moment -- That's not to say that ideological purists would necessarily find that to be enough of an offset to assuage their fears of some other hideous party-correlation-induced stigmata attaching itself to what might have otherwise been a seemingly tolerable host -- E.g., she might cut Irish bagpipe charter school vouchers, killing the "pipe-wail to nowhere", and the remaining funds might be go to Benon Sevan's bath-house Persian massage slush fund (at our expense), to somehow lend more credence to toothless watc-doging of UN oversight (and US funding thereof) of Ahmadinnerjacket and the yellow-cake partying mad-mullah global enrichment crowd.

    • Daniel says:

      Y'know, you might want to write more readable comments.

      • BigTigerMonkey says:

        "...more readable comments"

        Biden, McCain, Obama all have-um heap-big lobbyist ties, make big tax-payer burnt-wampum offering to pork god in infinite budget sky.

        Sacred taxpayer dollar lost in big pork potlach.

        Palin no have heap-big lobbyist ties.

        Me not like McCain, kemosabe. 🙂

        • Daniel says:

          You seem to have peculiar ideas about readability, which should largely involve plain talk rather than fulminating neologisms and neonyms or pidgin.

          • BigTigerMonkey says:

            Excellent! I shall change the title on my business cards to, "fulminating neologist".

            Wrt this election, I know a bunch of people that are fundamentally unsatisfied with any of the candidates on the presidential ticket.

  • BigTigerMonkey says:

    In reply to the original post,

    Phillip of Macedon was blind in one eye.

    However, The modern day International Conspiracy of Phillips (aka the Phildeburgers), have nothing at all to do with the current partisan rancor.

    Sources indicate it might be a Steve Spielberg creation; possible originating as a clay-mation piece.

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