The Wrong Man for the Job

6 October 2008


6 Responses to The Wrong Man for the Job

  • BigTigerMonkey says:

    I'd like to congratulate FPD Lau on his new achievement of the "Flaming" honorific title.

    While I'm not certain of what he did (or did not) do to receive the distinction, I trust that he is fully deserving of what he gets -- akin to the electorate.

    Minor point of order: are the entries of the "Tags" section of a post part of the set of topics which are "on-topic" for a given post?

    • Daniel says:

      The Flaming is actually long-standing, though possibly new to you.

      I'm inclined to think that tags are themselves usually or always on-topic, but that they are somewhat less often appropriate subjects of commentary. (I'd tell you to use your judgment, but….)

  • BigTigerMonkey says:

    Clearly, we need to vote against Sarah Palin, as the signs clearly indicate that "Sarah = Cheney" (but worse!):

    At least the Ron Paul banners (at bottom of linked page) were not disrespectful.

    • Daniel says:

      Ringo seems not to understand the concept of thumbnail images. I gave up on waiting for the page to load.

      • BigTigerMonkey says:

        Bandwidth is a very low-cost commodity these days, however, the labor cost of creating thumbnails has not significantly dropped -- exactly unless an automated 'thumbnail creation tool' is used. While those automatic tools are readily available, and nominally 'cheap', the real cost is the bridging of the knowledge gap (or outsourcing it).

        If we somehow established a coffee-house wifi bandwidth index, we'd probably find that the particular coffee shop you are in (if you're in a coffee shop whilst the picture download is slow), is somewhat on the lower-end of the bandwidth index. That is not to say that the coffee shops I frequent necessarily always have greater bandwidth, just on average (I would venture).

        In short, when using the wifi of a coffee house, my presence in the particular coffee shop is determined by the specific lack of WoW players, Bittorrent monkeys, and other bandwidth moochers.

        The main difference I've noticed between independent (non Starbarfs) coffee shops in the past year, in SF, SJ, and SD, is the commoditization of "free" wifi. There are Slapiocca Express knock off coffee shops in SF that stay open until 1am, and I had a difficult time finding a coffee shop there without "free" wifi (until I got to Starchunks).

        Now, maybe in certain parts of SD, there is a commodeitization (as in chamber pots) of wifi in coffee houses ...

        • Daniel says:

          If we're really going to compare the costs of producing thumbnail images to that of acquiring more bandwidth, then we need to aggregate, in which case Ringo's sloth is the clear loser.

          The Microsoft philosophy sucks as much in the production of 'blogs as it does in the production of software. If we're going to demand more resources from the visitor to the 'blog, then we should offer functionality that is not otherwise praciticable. As it is, Ringo is just dumping lots of pictures that could easily be thumbnailed, or distributed across multiple pages (so that at least one wouldn't have to cool one's heels waiting for the n-th image to be nearly done loading before the first image would complete loading).

          As it is, Ringo's site is analogous to a protest sign with tiny white letters on an oyster background.

          I wasn't at a coffee house at all when I went to his site. Returning to the site when I was on a faster connection did not repay even the tiny cost of having made a mental note.

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