Too Much for Me

20 August 2008

The same apartment building that has the doubtful balcony of which I provided a picture on the 14th also has a questionable staircase: [image of a questionable staircase] In fact. the staircase is collapsing rapidly. Here is a picture from the 18th: [image of a questionable staircase] with a support having come free of the banister; and here is a picture from the 19th: [image of a questionable staircase] with the support now lying on the ground.

Nor is this the only problematic staircase of the building. Here is another: [image of a questionable staircase] This staircase has developed a discernible lean.

The balcony could be quickly repaired. In the short-run, all that is needed is to pull the base of the cocked support back into its original position. And this repair should be effected before the weight of the balcony and of the potted plants on it cause it to fall into the alley, potentially damaging persons or property.

The staircase shown in the first three pictures should be immediately torn-down. It cannot safely be used, nor is there a good way to block access from its base. The other staircase may have some life left to it; but, given that the one needs to be removed quickly, it would probably be most cost-effective to dismantle the other now as well.

The building seems to be crumbling about its tenants. Perhaps some of them simply don't care enough to move, but perhaps others cannot afford a better place. Generally speaking, even a home in such a poor state is better than no home. But eventually the bills will have to be paid, rents will be increased, and some of the tenants may have to leave.

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