Mr. Watson! Come here! I want you!

Some years ago, my friend Felix loaned to me his copies of two films, The Matrix (1999) and Equilibrium (2002). I'd not requested either, but he insisted that I take them and that he was in no rush to have them returned. Last April, I finally got around to watching the former; yester-day morning I watched the latter. I'd say that it was a very good film, though I wouldn't say that it was a great film in spite of my strong sympathy for its messages.

I will try not to belabor the extent to which the style of Equilibrium was strongly influenced by that of The Matrix, but I was amused to note that, whereäs The Matrix had a beautiful AE40 incorporated into the mechanism whereby Neo was extracted from the Matrix, Equilibrium included an AT&T WECo Model 302 (only part of which is shown in-frame) amongst the criminalized art.

I should re·watch Dark City (1998). I think that surely I must have missed a SC 1243 in there somewhere.

Addendum: The telephone that Murdoch answers about at about 4:40 into Dark City is an AT&T WECo Model 302.

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