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4 July 2008
Missing reels from Lang's Metropolis discovered by Tony Paterson in the Independent
A print of Fritz Lang's Metropolis has been found that includes almost a quarter of the silent film which was thought to have been lost.


Yesterday, Anke Wilkening, one of the team of historians, said all but one scene of the full version, last viewed in May 1927, had been rediscovered. Almost everything that had been missing has been found, including two key scenes, she said.

I am not, properly speaking, a fan of Metropolis; I have considered its message to be fascistic, and don't see it as plausible that its fascism was an artefact of the scenes in question having been dropped. But Metropolis is none-the-less a very important film, and I am actively pleased that this material has been found.

(I went looking for this story after reading an entry at the Horrors of It All.)

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