Empty House

30 December 2008

I went to the La Jolla PetSmart to-day, planning to buy yet another habitat module to include in my mouse complex, and hoping to find the mouse for that complex.

In the event, there were no mice at that PetSmart, and the cashier said that she didn't expect them to get any in the near future, as they have many other rodents in stock. (I'd not bothered to call ahead, as I was expecting to buy a module in any case, and also wanted to stop at the World Market in the same shopping center.)

I did buy a module. I'd originally been thinking of getting another CritterTrail Mini 2, but ultimately decided on a CritterTrail 3, which just provides a lot more space.

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2 Responses to Empty House

  • Mija says:

    Are you looking for a mouse of any particular type/colour?

    • Daniel says:

      I want a male mouse, because (while they are much stinkier) they are more likely to be good-natured with people. I want as young a mouse as can be sensibly separated from its mother, because that will give me more opportunity to enrich its environment and to get it used to being handling. And I think that I'd like one with a lot of black or brown coloring.

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