Was ist los?

29 December 2008

This morning, at the post office, the fellow immediately ahead of me in line was a Germanophone, wrapping a surf-board in bubble-wrap and tape, in preparation for mailing it to Germany. A postal employee came out to examine the situation; and, when last I knew, the Germanophone was being told that the item was too large.

Where does one surf in Germany?

I have complained in the past of the electronic Amber Alert signs at the sides of the highways being used to preach, as this causes people to develop a habit of ignoring them, which defeats the ostensible primary purpose of the signs.

On top of that, here was the message on the signs that I saw along I-805 and CA-163:

So, apparently, they're cool with people texting while driving for at least the rest of the month, and possibly again starting on the 2nd.


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