25 September 2008

You know that childhood dread that, lurking behind things and in cracks, are big, black spiders? Some people outgrow that fear; such outgrowth is dementia. Those big, black spiders are really there.

In the course of a renovation, a local business placed a planter in front of their site; to-day, they pulled it away [image of store-front with planter pulled away] exposing one of those big, black spiders [image of big, black spider] [enlarged detail of image of big, black spider]

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6 Responses to Shelob

  • BigTigerMonkey says:

    I've seen smaller spiders consuming tour guides in the amazon basin.

    The evening constitutional shall commence in a few hours. I'll give you a call, there are some economic opportunities that have arisen (possibly requiring near-term exploitation).


    • Daniel says:

      I received no telephone call from you. I assume that you unexpectedly found yourself approaching un fournisseur des butées toriques, and are either still there, or were later taken, comatose, to an emergency room.

      • BigTigerMonkey says:

        Sorry, I ran into some screaming Ron Paul fans during my evening constitutional, so my delicate ears were not in any condition to be nursed back to health -- even by the soothing sounds of Hell's Elevator Muzak (as transmitted over the cellular) courtesy of the coffee house of the moment -- by anything short of the sound of yuppies commiting seppuku on the steps of their mortgage brokers foreclosed trailerpark abodes.

        I'll call you today, just keep your people on a shorter leash.

  • Mija says:

    Spiders who shave are marginally less terrifying than hairy spiders.

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