Everybody Wins!

23 July 2008

Dr Pepper Snapple Group has been promoting Dr Pepper with a sweepstakes. Entry codes are obtained from bottle caps or packages. The promotion claims 1 in 6 WINS!.

The Woman of Interest has ostensibly won five times, but the award has each time been an advertisement — two Dr Pepper screensavers and three Dr Pepper wallpaper graphics.

Which brings me to СУП.

As previously noted, they are eliminating Basic Accounts, under the pretense of responding to popular demand. Basic Accounts will be replaced with accounts such that advertising is to be presented to holders or to visitors, though the precise details might not yet be decided.

Perhaps СУП should copy a page from the Dr Pepper Snapple Group playbook! СУП just needs to stop referring to these advertisements as such, and start calling them prizes!

G_d knows that lots of LJ members would thank mustela prima for the bounty.

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