Urkh! does not fit the general readership

30 August 2009

My latest submission of my paper, to a yet more specialized journal, has met with a fate similar to that of my previous submissions:

The advisory editor suggests that the paper does not fit the general readership of [this journal] (see his short report below).
That advisory editor writes
I suggest to the author to submit his paper, which certainly deserves an outlet, to more specialistic journals
and then recommends two in particular. So I will review the guidelines for each, and try to decide to which of them I will make my next submission. I take some solace in the fact that, while my paper is indeed being rejected, editors are suggesting that it truly ought to be published in a respected academic journal.

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One Response to Urkh! does not fit the general readership

  • refriedgringo says:

    Just keep submitting. As a writer, I can promise you that this is part of the process. And, as you point out, you are getting positive notes with the rejections. This is more than most of us get most of the time.

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