Again with the Too Specialized

22 July 2009

Good L_rd! In response to my submission, the editor of the third journal responded

While I find the paper interesting, I feel it is too specialized a topic for a general audience journal such as [ours].

The thing is that, unlike the previous two journals, which cover economics in general, this is a journal of microëconomics. Yet, like the editor of the previous journal, the editor still feels that the paper is too specialized for the audience. (Though, as noted, this third journal was recommended by that editor of the second.)

I need to figure-out just who won't think it too specialized.

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2 Responses to Again with the Too Specialized

  • kittygopunce says:


    I find it interesting that this specialised journal still found it too specific. I hope you will find a journal that doesn't feel this way.

    • Daniel says:

      I'm sure that I can. The real problem for me is that I don't know much about the relative rankings of the more specialized journals. If I had an established reputation myself, I might care less about the reputation of the journal, but part of building my own reputation is getting published in a demanding journal.

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