Not a Moment to Be Lost

18 July 2009

Professor van Helsing, having just had a confrontation with Dracula, in which van Helsing has learned that Dracula has made Mina Harker drink his blood, walks up the stairs, one at a time, to her room. As he is part-way up, Seward comes up from behind him. Van Helsing stops, and takes a step down to meet Seward.

Van Helsing: Seward! That which I have feared from the beginning has happened!

Seward: What?

Van Helsing: Dracula boasts that he has fused his blood with that of Miss Mina! In life she will now become the foul thing of the night that he is!

Seward: But, van Hesling—

Van Helsing: No, no! Come, Seward! Van Helsing resumes walking up the stairs, one at a time. Come! There's not a moment to be lost!

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