Throwing Light on the Lifeless

24 June 2008

Yester-day, in the shower, my thoughts wandered onto the question of just what, exactly, is wrong with Dracula's Daughter (1936), and I reälized that its great flaw is its pedestrian cinematography. This conclusion then led me to wonder who was the cinematographer. This morning, I found that it was George Robinson. Looking at the rest of his credits, I quickly saw that he was also cinematographer for Drácula (1931), the Spanish-language version of Dracula shot, at night, on the same sets as were being used to shoot Dracula (1931) in the day. One of the various ways in which Drácula is markèdly inferior to Dracula is the thoughtless cinematography of the former.

Incorrigible, the Woman of Interest has now referred to Robinson as the man who made Drácula suck.

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