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25 May 2008

Recently, my website has again been slow. I've had to cool my heels waiting for content, and I've noticed that the LiveJournal RSS feed for this 'blog has repeatedly been thwarted by server time-out.

Last night and this morning, for a while, the site was really dragging. And a post that I'd made seemed to evaporate, then reäppear after I'd composed and posted a replacement, then vanish again. My inference is that at some point was trying to resolve problems, and that the flitting into-and-out-of existence of that post was symptomatic of servers being swapped or of various back-ups over-writing each other.

It would have been better if had locked things for maintenance, and declared themselves as doing so. Some 'blogger could have written a rather lengthy post and then seen his or her work utterly erased.

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