What a pal!

16 November 2008

The Woman of Interest mentioned to me how some sellers manage to maintain acceptable or better feedback scores, and the initial negative feedback that they receive might not itself be particularly damning, yet one can discern from their replies that negative feedback that these are very problematic people. So I drew her attention to ohiopal (located in New Philadelphia):

I suppose that a few sloppy readers might actually be fooled by his recurring trick of signing a reply with the buyer's account, as it it were a follow-up. I've seen some of the photos that he claimed were inadvertantly misleading because of poor quality — they were clear photos, but of a different item than was delivered. And take special note to the entries on each page for lot 2164122076.

He's better behaved at GunBroker.com. [Edit (2008:11/17): Except in-so-far as he persuades buyers there to buy from him more directly, in which case they may get junk.]

(I've not myself ever done business with this account, nor to my knowledge otherwise with its holder. I just stumbled upon his record when I was investigating another seller.)


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