Uh, what?

9 April 2008

Alan Greenspan in an interview published on Sunday:

We would have to see signs of this intensification; there are some, but not many yet. Therefore … I would not describe the situation we are in as a recession, although the chances that we'll have one are more than 50 percent.
Alan Greenspan on Tuesday:
Consumers are beginning to shrink in, the automobile markets are beginning to contract, production is beginning to ease, and we are in the throes of recession.
Important new data came-in on Monday? El Pais sat on the interview for some significant period?

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2 Responses to Uh, what?

  • Monday, 7 April 2008:

    Dear Diary -

    Today I went to the grocery store and realized I would have to take out a second mortgage to buy milk. When I went to the bank, they said the value of my house has gone down so I can't take out a second mortgage, but that they were going to increase the payments on my original mortgage because now they know I can afford to pay more. I decided I needed to get another job to pay for the milk so I went to McDonald's and they said they weren't hiring right now.

    We're fucked.

    XOXO, Al

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