Wilma Deering and Eschaton-a-Go-Go

27 September 2013

Some of you may already be familiar with Molly Kiely, an artist best known for illustrations in an alternative comic-book style. She and Ginger Mayerson are currently seeking funds to complete a graphic novel, Eschaton-a-Go-Go. Appropriately enough, they have a campaign on IndieGoGo.

There are a number of attractive perks for contributors; but, right now, there is an especially cool offer. For $15, Ms Kiely will draw a custom ATC with the science-fiction character or golden-age movie goddess of your choice. Note that she'll execute a small commission, rather than requiring selection amongst ATCs that she's already created. For example, I requested

[Wilma by Molly Kiely]
image used with kind permission of artist
Wilma by Molly Kiely
her take on Wilma Deering, roughly as Wilma appeared in the 1929 episodes of the Buck Rogers comic strip.

Now, here's your problem: This offer was limited to 25 ATCs; when last I knew, 7 of them were already claimed. That leaves just 18 still available. You don't want to suddenly realize that you'd like an ATC of LN-18 or of Alice White or of Galloway Gallagher or of Gene Tierney, only to discover that the last of these commissions went to some clown who wanted a picture of Professor Simon Wright.

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