Kilobucks for Kilowidgets

13 October 2011

eBay lot #180729964545 sold on 26 September 2011 for a price of $1000 plus $140 for s&h. Categorized in Collectibles > Advertising > Food & Beverage > Cereal > Kellogg, the listing was entitled 1,000 Widgets. The description said only 1000 Widgets (omitting the comma). There was no picture. Two days later, the buyer left feedback declaring good widgets. thanks.

On 6 October, another 1000 widgets were allegedly sold as lot #180734234607, again for a price of $1000, but this time with $197 for s&h. The purchasing account left a feedback on 11 October that simply says acceptable.

The buying account is shared by Joshua Glew and his father, Steven John Glew. The latter has a 'blog that seems to relate some dirty doings by the Pez Corporation, but which I've done no more than skim because it's written in a decidedly ill-organized fashion.

A thousand widgets?

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4 Responses to Kilobucks for Kilowidgets

  • Zenicurean says:

    Clearly an Economics 101 textbook has somehow been brought to life à la Frankenstein's monster, and this is the logical result.

    • Daniel says:

      Soon to follow will be taxes and subsidies, price supports and ceilings, and regulation by self-serving bureaucrats to protect consumers from the often dangerous sorts of widgets produced under laissez-faire capitalism.

      • refriedgringo says:

        Clearly, the next logical step will be to qualify the widgets as "green". In which case, S&H will increase accordingly, because we can't have such widgets shipped utilizing any method that would leave a significant carbon footprint. After all, the cost of carrier pigeons has gone through the roof now what with being limited to organically-grown pigeon-feed.

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