Accidental Curve Ball

26 April 2011

Early on Saturday morning, I submitted my paper to yet another journal. Alas, on Sunday, I discovered a typographical error in one of the formulæ.

The formula should read R = {X_1,X_2,...}^2 \ {(X_1, X_2) s.t. [(X_1 WP X_2) v (X_2 WP X_1)]} But instead it read R = {X_1,X_2,...}^2 \ {(X_1, X_2) v. [(X_1 WP X_2) v (X_2 WP X_1)]} That's because I had been using a vertical bar for such that, intended to replace it with a backwards epsilon (to be consistent), but got lost or distracted and instead dropped-in a second disjunction sign.

Perhaps I should contact the editors, but this formula simply appears in an incidental remark. I can correct things if the paper is accepted, and I will just hope that no reviewer is so offended as to reject the paper based on the error.

[Up-Date (2011:05/23): I've been sufficiently perturbed about this matter that I decided that, were the paper not bounced-back to me before it had been in their hands for a month, I would send them a note, with a link to a correction. (The idea in waiting a month was to ration any pestering of the editors.) I did so a few minutes ago.]

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