Sinister Doings

18 March 2010

Quite some years ago, I damaged both of my knees, especially the left knee (martial arts), and as a consequence I walk with limp. But I none-the-less do a fair amount of walking under normal circumstances. It seems that, as a consequence, I have developed plantar fasciïtis, the plantar fascia being a thick structure of connective tissue in the sole of the foot.

Apparently, I should do less walking for a few months. Additional treatment options include an orthotic support, which I almost certainly should get; stretching exercises, which I am doing; and a night splint, which I will probably get, to keep the foot flexed as one rests. I intend to avoid steroids and surgeory.

The reader may recall that it was a toe of my left foot that I broke last year. In fact, I have chronic tendinitis in my left arm (ancient weight-lifting injury), and within the last few months injured my left shoulder (I don't remember how, because whatever it was didn't much hurt initially) to an extent that the pain became literally nauseous and continues (albeït abated). I am evidently just especially hard on the left side of my body.


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