Le Fragranze non Indugiano

19 September 2009

Most places in the universe are not Bella Italia Fragrances. But there's a place in Hillcrest that in its own special way is not Bella Italia Fragrances.

Here are a couple of pictures of Bella Italia Fragrances, at 3852 4th Avenue, captured by Google for their street view: [image of Bella Italia Fragrances] [image of Bella Italia Fragrances] It sold soap, shave brushes, and so forth.

One day, walking along the 3800 block of 4th Avenue for the first time in many days, I found this carport. [image of Bella Italia Fragrances] I was amazed. As you can infer by looking to the left and to the right, the carport was where Bella Italia Fragrances once was. But the carport also appeared to have been where it was for years.

Evidently, a shop had been implanted into the carport. The decorative bushes at the entrance, and the scrubby bush at the curb served to disguise what had been done. And evidently the implantation was highly reversible.

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