Bad Argument

19 June 2009

Very early this morning, as I first fell asleep, I dreamt that the Woman of Interest and I argued over how to write something, and that a specious purported rule of grammar was unleashed against me. What was particularly remarkable about this ostensible rule as such was that it had physical existence — it was large, aggressive, dangerous. (It hadn't been her intention to set such an entity after me; she'd failed to anticipate the consequences of her line of argument.)

I fled from it up a flight of stairs and through a door. It was able to open the door in its pursuit. I shot at it — apparently I have access to firearms in my dreams — but either I was missing it or it was resistant to bullets.

I awoke with my heart pounding.

So far, nothing like that has ever happened in real life, starting with the fact that the Woman of Interest has never made a specious claim about grammar in argument against me.


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