Cutting-Edge Sculpture

5 June 2009

I've started to look around for a new tactical folder knife, as the belt-clip of my CUDA-2T broke-off long ago, so that the knife cannot be kept as readily at-hand, and tends to wear holes in pockets (through which it occasionally escapes), and the CUDA-2T is not in production. (Camillus Cutlery in fact died in February of 2007, after more than 120 years of making knives. Someone has bought the brand, and promises to revive it, but they are behind their announced schedule in doing so.)

Anyway, in the course of looking, I ran across the Böker MA-2, designed by the Miltner Adams Company: It's not a tactical folder, but it is what I consider to be a beautiful knife. And its list price is just under US$30. I got one, treated it with a Sentry Solutions Marine Tuf-Cloth, and stashed it away in my collection. (I don't leave my knives quite MiB, as I almost always treat them with a Tuf-Cloth.)

I still need to resolve what to do for the tactical folder.


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