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20 April 2009

Last year, I posted a 'blog entry recommending that my readers visit Golden Age Comic Book Stories, where are found not just golden age comic book stories, but more generally a great many wonderful examples of the art of illustration.

By way of Golden Age Comic Book Stories, I've been led to another 'blog, the Pictorial Arts, to which I also want to give a strong recommendation. Like Golden Age Comic Book Stories, the Pictorial Arts features many examples of outstanding illustration. The Pictorial Arts differs in various respects. Most strikingly, its owner, Thomas Haller Buchanan, writes something of what the illustrations (and often the illustrators themselves) have meant to him, the rôle that they have played in his life.

Buchanan is himself a professional artist of superior ability; one gets to see some of his work

[portrait in chalk by THB]
image used with kind permission of artist
at another of his 'blogs, People Skills. At the Pictorial Arts he says little about that ability or about that work, but instead writes about work of other artists that he has found compelling, from the time that he was a small child up to the present. One may see not what he can produce, but that he could and can see as an illustrator would, and what he saw and sees that made him aspire to become an artist himself.

One of the things that I respect about Buchanan is that he posts about the work that he appreciates, regardless of its social standing. But what has me actually following his the Pictorial Arts is that I like so much of the work to which he directs attention. Some of it is by artists whom I have long admired; in some cases it is work that I too first encountered as a child and which made a strong impression on me. In other cases, I'd not seen it at all before I found it in his 'blog.

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One Response to The Pictorial Arts

  • Thomas Haller Buchanan says:

    Thank you for your kind words and especially for your connection of the two 'blogs. I intend to pull that connection tighter eventually and I hope to explore just why this subject is so important to so many of us. A lot of us have parallel experiences with the pictorial arts and I'm really getting a kick out of the many 'blogs that are delving into that. Imagery has touched most of us to a very deep level of the psyche and there are important reasons for that.

    I just watched a documentary about Ayn Rand, and it pointed out that an illustration in a book resonated deeply within her at an early point in her life and helped to formulate her ideals. Likewise Carl Sagan, Ray Bradbury and so many others were influenced early on by comics and imagery. Who of us hasn't been?

    I look forward to exploring your 'blog.

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