Disordered Mood

18 March 2009

Yester-day, I got hit with a significant wave of depression. I'd been trying to dodge it, but it got me.

My parents are expecting a visit from me; in fact, they expected me to have driven there by sometime yester-day. But I've not got my ducks in-a-row to travel, and right now I'd rather just curl-up in a ball for a while.

One of the things that really upsets me in such a context is when people throw-away my maybe. I tell them that I plan to do something or hope to do something or some-such, and some people act as if I've said that I will or even shall do it. I generally choose my words, even in extemporaneous conversation, fairly carefully, and I resent people ignoring what I've said with the result of a spuriously implied commitment, even if they don't themselves recognize the implication.


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