As I Say, Not as I Do

8 January 2009

I managed to scald the lower front of my right thigh to-day.

Most of the length of the hose to my shower-head was made of three concentric layers: an inner-most layer of a relatively soft plastic; a middle layer of plastic mesh, apparently designed to keep the inner layer from expanding outwards; and an outer-most layer, apparently designed to protect the inner two layers and to help the middle layer contain the inner-most layer. Some weeks ago, the outer layer started to fail near the shower-head, where the hose was most stressed. Then the middle layer began to fail. The inner-most layer began to bulge in the area of failure, like something out of a Hal Roach comedy.

Relatively early in this process of decline, I stopped at the Hillcrest Ace Hardware and bought a new hose. But I decided to keep using the old hose until I I expected it to actually rupture. Yester-day, I told the Woman of Interest that I thought that I should replace the hose before my next shower.

But, to-day, I procrastinated, not wanting to delay my shower. Well, as you anticipate, the hose ruptured. In fact, it ruptured as I was rinsing the shower stall with the hottest water that I can get from the tap, which is really quite hot in my apartment. I got sprayed various places, but the part that hurts most noticeably is that part of my thigh.

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