Which Reminds Me that I Need to Shave

12 December 2008

I ordered a few things from the Grooming Lounge on Sunday. They arrived to-day, along with a catalogue (Volume V).

Flipping through the catalogue and looking at its pictures, I remarked to the Woman of Interest that their wares, in general, were for someone far more metrosexual than I.

However, I stopped to read the description of the Tweezerman Porcelain Nail File.

Hand-crafted file keeps nails properly shaped and can also be used as a shiv if you end up in the joint.

(The description on the Website is less extraordinary.) Of bamboo fiber underwear, they write

These pieces are also free of annoying tags and our hands-on research shows they cause 98% fewer wedgies than leading brands

(The website boosts this claimed percentage to 98.7.) It's as if J. Peterman had set-up his teen-age sons in business.

Addendum: Through this weekend, one can get 10% off all Grooming Lounge Hair Care Solutions by entering the code Blagojevich at check-out.

Some Hair Goop

Can provide a buttoned-up or whacked-out look.

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