Bleh, Pt III

22 January 2009

I don't know whether the flu that I had has resurged, or I contracted another while still weakened by the first. (Some years ago, I spent about half-a-year sick, a fair part of that with pneumonia, because I caught one flu after another, each before I'd fully recovered from the previous.) In any case, I'm back to being quite ill.

Before I came home and took various medications, I'd eaten a fairly large meal, and for whatever reason the food stayed in my stomach for hours. A problem with that was that the medication stayed there with it, instead of being absorbed by my digestive system.

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2 Responses to Bleh, Pt III

  • oshi says:

    In my corner of the world there is a nasty stomach virus going around that causes weird (non)digestive issues, I hope you're not getting something like that on top of your existing illness. Feel better soon!

  • kabob eating 'migo of chubby loose lipped Polack says:

    Sorry to hear you've come under the weather Dan, perhaps the stimulus plan will lift your spirits in a Keynesian sort of fashion. Do feel better.

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