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One thing that I regret about my Jaxon safari hat is that it’s not crushable — I cannot simply stuff it into a suitcase. So I was cruising the website of the Village Hat Shop, whereupon I found crushable wool Aussie hats on sale for just $15 apiece.

At that price, I decided that I should get three — one for myself, one for the Woman of Interest, and one for my father. I would also have got one for my mother, except that I don’t know the size of her head.

So I stopped at the local store yester-day morning. Unfortunately, they had none in the appropriate size in-stock, but they took my name and number, and said that they would call if they some were found in the warehouse or at one of the other stores.

In the event, they called that after-noon to report that they now had three at the local store, being held in my name for a few days. I stopped again this morning, when they opened, and bought the hats.

Anyway, I thought that they gave very good service on some very inexpensive hats.

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  1. Mija on 07.10.2008 at 12:46 (Reply)

    Australians: taking over the world one head at a time.

    1. Daniel on 07.10.2008 at 13:22 (Reply)

      Cultural imperialism, eh?

      Actually, the hats were made in China for an American producer. You could say better than I whether their style is truly Australian.

  2. BigTigerMonkey on 07.10.2008 at 18:30 (Reply)

    Uh, ...

    Gunga Dan, does this imply that you know the size of some people's heads off the top or your head?

    1. Daniel on 08.10.2008 at 01:04 (Reply)

      Yup. In some cases I know the standard numeric designation; in others, just to the precision of something such as the standard large.

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